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OSHI Defender is New Generation Anti-Malware. Cloud-based virus protection keep you secured up to date in real-time
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20 January 2014

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Antivirus applications come in various hues which include the free ones and top of the line products that gobble down your system resources. An application like Microsoft Security Essentials may be easy to use and barely affect your system performance, it may not be adequate. On the other hand leading products have a variety of drawbacks including high cost and reliance on one engine. Now if you are looking at a balanced antivirus tool then OSHI Defender 1.1.2 may just meet your mark. It combines the multiple scan engines and an effectual cloud based to technology to tackle the whole threat spectrum without slowing down your PC.

The OSHI Defender 1.1.2 on launch presents before you an elegant interface that is structured in an intuitive manner. You can either start with a Full system scan to identify and eliminate all threats present on your system or opt to run a custom scan. The tool allows you to schedule scans as per your need and even offers you the flexibility to send suspicious files for further scanning on to its cloud servers. Owing to its well thought out Secure DNS feature, the application can ensure that you do not fall victim to phishing attacks. It also can act as a barrier between any malicious program and its control points by disrupting their communication. When it comes to updates, the application is powered by a cloud based virus database system that keeps the application abreast of latest threats. Incidentally the tool is highly effective against zero day threats which many traditional virus applications fail to handle.

On account of its extensive set of innovative features, the OSHI Defender 1.1.2 earns a score of three and half rating stars. It also earns kudos for its capacity to offer you protection from intrusion attempts and even stealthy Trojans.

Publisher's description

OSHI Defender is New Generation Anti-Malware. Cloud-based virus protection keep you secured up to date in real-time. Secured DNS protect you from scam websites, stop rootkit and malware communications without any CPU usage.
A user-friendly software solution that can help you regularly scan your PC against malicious components and remove them, when needed
OSHI Defender is an intuitive application that can be used to detect malware threats on your computer and to clean them.
The software utility is extremely effective against browser hijackers. It can detect malicious autorun entries or Internet Explorer add-ons, as well as identify rogue DNS servers or detect changes in the hosts file.
OSHI Defender
OSHI Defender
Version 1.1.2
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